Kitchen Glass Splashback: In addition to utilitarian functions, glass kitchen aprons open up unlimited possibilities for decor, as this is not only tempered and detailed glass, but also a quality image or color. Glass with a pattern or image does not lose the brightness of colors and clarity, and therefore will retain its appearance for many years. The gloss of the glass itself is beautiful, in addition, it reflects the light and visually enlarges the small space.

One of the main advantages is durability and wear resistance. Skinal with UV printing is not afraid of close proximity to a hot surface. Even after a long time, the image does not change its appearance and does not shrink, as happens with standard gluing.

Printing is applied to the reverse surface of the glass, so that the front side can be washed without worrying about the safety of the image.

High-quality UV printing and durable glass base reliably protect the kitchen apron from mechanical damage and burnout.

The plot for the panel can be selected independently from the photo bank of images.A glass apron placed on the working surface of the wall underlines the original and elegant style of the room. Durable and practical material does not lose its appearance and quality from the effects of high temperature, easy to clean, and is durable.

Affordable cost skinali with UV printing makes them an ideal choice for a modern kitchen.

Advantages of wall panel: smooth surface of the glass, prevents fat from entering hard-to-reach places; selection of images for any kitchen design; simplicity and speed of installation;

This type of product is a priority in the furniture industry, as well as an ideal solution for use in the interior of the kitchen.
We recommend the production of wall panels only of tempered glass or at least those parts that are exposed to temperature. 


Kitchen Glass Splashback PANORAMA