For Decoration Rubber Cable Festoon Belt  lights for Decoration. Ideal for garden , party, wedding ... 
50M - E27/B22 Black Rubber Cable Festoon Belt for Decoration, 166 Sockets/ lamp holders, 0,4m lamp holders spacing. Connectable .
Material advantages: We use high-quality wire core material, safe and durable more assured, integral molding, effective waterproof, reduce security risks.

Decoration Rubber Cable Festoon Belt lights 50m

  • Very Good quality rubber wire , low consumption, UV protection, environment-friendly materials and very low consumption .
    Specification : 

    1. Voltage: 110v-240v
    2. Festoon Belt /set : 25m - roll length. 
    3. Bulb distance : 0.4m;
    4. 1.5m power supply cable with waterproof UK plug 
    5. Each bulb covered by waterproof rubber endcap 
    6. Black cord and Black E27/B22 sockets 
    7. Use for indoor and outdoor. 

    E27/B22 Rubber cable LED belt chain light : 
    1) A waterproof rubber Outdoor / Indoor use. 
    2) Can Assembled set - custom made
    3) Any socket spacing is available for belt light.