Decorative illumination of floor coverings.
Creation of light lines and contours in high humidity conditions.
Lighting systems and illumination of interiors. in the bath in the bathroom.
swimming pool heating system.
Contour illumination of the ceiling and walls.
Highlighting gender.
It can be used for installation in the floor tracks for the registration of the building facades.

Aluminium Led Profile Solid

  • Due to the high integrity of the extrusion and its compact size, it is ideal for use in bathrooms, showers or areas where there is a risk of momentary contact with water. Its height allows installation in the gap created by the average thickness of the ceramic tile and mounting adhesive, thus it is very often used for installation in floor levels. Additionally, it can be used to illuminate the exterior architectural elements, such as building facades, terraces, gardens, etc. 

    Size : 2000x12.2x13.7