Aluminium Led Profile Ceiling Frame it is irreplaceable for fixing the ceiling of plasterbord and other types of suspended ceiling. Its construction allows a secure fixing, creating an outline of lights around the perimeter of the ceiling in connection with the wall.

Using LED Profile Ceiling Frame mainly in plasterboard walls, ceilings, and build a professional LED strip lights.
Profile available in raw aluminum or anodized on demanding. The exact fastening, bonding elements with a screw cap.Opál homogenous light spot on the light strips max with wide 14mm .

Aluminium Led Profile Ceiling Frame

  • Applications:

    - modern interior design,

    - furniture 

    - in architectural development

    - ceiling illumination 



    - length: 2 metre 
    - for LED strip up to 14 mm


    - milk/ frosted/ transparent slided diffuser 
    - milk / transparent click diffuser