TWIN - profile for glass. Product's destination is to light up rear walls , Because of special localization of LED diodes we can achieve uniform light distribution on the rear wall of furniture, also possibility to light up glass shelves because the light can penetrate through holes in slat directly on the glass. Indubitable advantage of this product is mounting easiness and lack of failure frequency. Profile is made of aluminium.

Aluminium Led Profile Twin

SKU: 0012
  • Aluminum Profile-holder for 8mm glass, and the simultaneous illumination of the rear wall showcases, chests of drawers, shelves. Also highlights the glass through the slits. Dimensions 2000x28x20.4 mm.

    Height, mm: 28 mm
    Dimension, mm: 20.4 mm
    Dimensions, mm: 2000x20.4x28
    Length mm: 2000 mm
    Purpose: Glass / shelves
    Installation: Surface
    Product Type: Profile
    Form: Figural
    Color: Silver uncoated
    pad Width: 8 mm
    Width: 20.4 mm