GROOVE – recessed profile. Aluminium profile, which can be mounted inside a slit 18mm wide, sticking out over mounting  surface only 1mm. Suitable for walls, ceilings, plates, furniture by mounting the profile in a groove, sticking or by using mounting plate SU/GR/CO. Aluminium profile can be connected with one of five covers: semi-transparent, white, 60 degree lens and new klik (transparent or opal). Different LED strips max.10mm wide can be applied. Power depends on LED source.

Aluminium Led Profile Grove

SKU: 0009
  • Angle aluminum profile, 45 degrees. Anodized. For LED strip widths up to 10mm. Dimensions Width 25mm, when installed in a corner 18 x 18mm.

    Height, mm: 17.8 mm
    Dimension in mm: 25 mm
    Dimensions, mm: 2000x17.8x17.8
    Length mm: 2000 mm
    Application: Universal
    Installation: Surface
    Product Type: Profile
    Form: Corner
    Color: Silver anodized
    pad Width: 10 mm
    Width: 25 mm