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When the lights matters !


We аrе always open for work with designer



The light can perform miracles in the interior design. It could make a real work of art from a simple ambience.


We deal with a wide range of Aluminium extrusion channel for LED strip lighting. We offer many type of depends on your needs including corner Aluminium extrusion, flat Aluminium extrusion, recessed Aluminium extrusion, heavy duty walk over Aluminium  profiles as well as our Aluminium extrusion for stairs.


We offer  2 metre lengths as standard, although all of our Aluminium channel for LED strip lighting can be cut to length as required or can be cut at 45 degree angles for installing into corners. 


All of the channel we supply is supplied complete with an opal diffuser which helps 'spread' the light from the LED strip itself. It reduces the spotting appearance of the LED strip, giving the light a more linear look.

Also included is a set of end caps and fixing clips where required. 


LED strip can be installed in Aluminium channel to offer increased protection. The LED Aluminium channel also acts as a heatsink, making the LED strip run cooler which will help the LED strip last even longer.

Mounting your LED strip into Aluminium channel will also give your installation a finished appearance.


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